A founding member of Pakistan's Women's National Guard, Zeenat Haroon Rashid reflects on the creation of the country and the role Pakistan's founder envisioned for women in this new nation.

A teacher in the troubled inner-city Karachi neigh-borhood of Lyari, Nida Abdul-Razzak is determined to teach vocational skills to the young women of her area.

A performing artist and activist, Sheema Kermani has taught and performed classical dance and theater in Pakistan for the last three decades despite a government ban on the public performance of dance by women.

A self-taught poet and educator, Rani Shameem Akhtar teaches and performs poetry in women’s workshops throughout central Punjab.

The only female Christian member of Pakistan's Parliament, Asiya Nasir advocates for minorities in Pakistan and tells the recent history of the struggle to repeal the nation's Blasphemy Laws.

Popular musicians in Lahore, Zeb & Haniya combine Pashtun musical traditions with Western, classical and Central Asian influences.

The Captain of the Pakistan Women's Cricket Team, Sana Mir is leading a dynamic group of young women who are determined to improve the reputation of Pakistan through the game of Cricket.